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Zobacz atmosferę w Bunny Cafe

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Entrance into Cafe only for children over 7 years

Bunny Cafe - Europe's first cafe with real rabbits



Our bunnies together with our clients at Bunny Cafe
Rabbit Boss is waiting to be fed
Rabbit Tosia in our tunnel at Bunny Cafe Cracow
Interior of Bunny Cafe

Welcome to Bunny Cafe

Our mission is to help animals. Thanks to the operations of our Cafe, we not only want to make the life of our rabbits as pleasant as possible, but also the lives of many other animals located in different kind of shelters. The idea of our Cafe Asylum also allows us to spread  knowlegde about rabbits and their true behaviour. Together with a certified bunny whisperer we have created information brochures for our guests which include all the crucial information one has to know before owning a rabbit. Our dedicated pen has an area of over 100sqm where the bunnies can freely hop around. As our priority is the welfare of our little animals, the entrance to the pen is subject to strict regulations and failure to comply with them will result in asking you to leave our premises.

Bunny Cafe is the first place in Poland and Europe, where you can interact with sweet rabbits while having a cup of delicious coffee. The innovative idea of combining a cafe with a rabbit sanctuary aims to:

Educate our guests about caring for these amazing animals and also about responsible adoption

Give an opportunity to experience an unusual, therapeutic time with our rabbits

Provide decent conditions for the residents of our Cafe

Support animal charities


Prices and other informations

Our mission

Have a look at our Bunny Cafe


Unlimited* time in our rabbit-pen & a cup of treats:

Reduced: 18,90

Normal: 21,90


*In the case of long queues, we reserve the right to introduce 20-minute sessions with our rabbits - on one ticket you can use an unlimited number of sessions during the day.


1. Entrance into our Cafe only over 7 years of age with a guardian (without guardian above 10 years)

2. We don't make reservations

3. Max 10 people at once in the rabbit-pen, therefore waiting time may apply

4. Rabbit siesta between 3pm - 4 pm. Cafe still open where you can have delicious cakes and coffee.

5. There are strict rules in order to enter our rabbit-pen, failure to comply will result in being asked to leave the premises


Entrance into the Cafe itself from where you can watch the rabbits, is free

We also invite you for delicious desserts and coffee. Pictures coming soon :)

Have a look at our Bunny Cafe


+48 794 657 907

Opening Hours:


Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00